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8th Jan 2023

Ep. 58 Second Cut Draft

We open 2023 with a draft of the films we watched in 2022. We select our top 6 films each, and then have a rant about some films that disappointed us. It's a clip show, except we recorded a whole new episode instead of grabbing and playing clips from our old episodes... you decide which method is lazier!

The Film Magazine:

10 Best Films 2022: Sam Sewell-Peterson by Sam Sewell-Peterson

‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ at 85 – Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson

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Second Cut
Reviewing Movies With Mixed Reviews
Lots of film podcasts focus on great or bad movies, but what about the ones in the middle? Join film critics Jacob, Kieran, Sam, and The Film Magazine crew as they examine the discourse around and content of films with mixed reviews. If you want thoughtful analysis from dedicated cinephiles, this is the show for you!